Specialization | Depression


Nothing is fun.
You feel unmotivated to do anything including things you used to love and enjoy.
You don’t even feel like you want to eat. You eat just because. You might not even taste food.
You sleep too much or have difficulty sleeping. Often feel irritated. Maybe, it’s difficult to get up and get out of bed. You can’t focus on anything.
Making a small decision is very difficult.
“I am worthless.” You hear this type of statement often in your head.
You tried and tried and tried. You did everything you could possibly think of to improve your situation. Yet, nothing changed. Rather, you feel like things are worse.
You feel hopeless as if you are in the darkest tunnel without any lights and exits.


This is what depression makes you experience.
BUT imagine.
What if you CAN get out of this darkest tunnel? What kind of world is waiting for you?
You can go back to who you were before.
You can enjoy what you like.
You do not have to tell yourself that you are worthless.
You can enjoy your meals.
And finally, you can be hopeful of yourself and the future.


If this resonates with you, you might benefit from therapy. I can be of help for you to find lights in the darkest tunnel.


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