Specialization | Adolescents


You have been asking yourself
“Where is my child I know?”
They show defiant behavior all the time.
They often show irritable behaviors.
They play video games all the time, but they don’t stop playing even if you tell them.
They often get angry, cannot focus on schoolwork, and grades are dropping.
They don’t even have fun at school and don’t even talk to their family.
When did things start to go wrong?


No, they did not do anything wrong.
Child’s behaviors are reflection of how parents interact with them.
This is a big hope. This means if you, the parent, change the way you interact with your child, they will change as well.

Remember the time they were born? First time they walked? First words they spoke? First time they were able to have a conversation with you? First day of school? And their smile?
Remember the moment when you felt so appreciative to them that they were your child?


Chage is not easy, yet possible. However, in order for your child to change, you need to change. It is okay if you can change just a little bit because that is how change is supposed to be. What is critical is the first step.
I provide not only individual therapy for a child, but also psychoeducation sessions where parents can learn how they can improve their interaction with their child such as what to say and not to say. With my service, you can get your child’s smile back.


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