Specialization | Autistic Adult


Throughout your whole life, you may be constantly feeling that no one understands you, which makes you feel lonely.
You know you are different to others, but you can’t really point out why you feel that way.
When others tell you to “fix” something, you know you are not wrong, but you feel like you are doing something really bad.


Consciously and/or unconsciously, those who hold autistic traits or Autistic people learn how to mask their true selves in order to “fit” to the society that was created by neurotypical people. It is not just you; most neurodivergent people have to constantly mask themselves. But it is not your fault; it is society’s fault where it is not designed to live the lives you want as a neurodivergent.

However, you still have to live your life in this unfair society, so you continue to mask yourself. Yet, being forced to be unauthentic is one of the saddest things, which can lead to all kinds of mental health issues.


Is masking the only choice neurodivergent people have to live in this society?
What if there is a community where you can be who you really are and still feel accepted?
What if you can accept who you are?
How is your world going to change?

Therapy is the place where you can talk about what matters to you the most. You are not alone. Let’s find the authentic self to whom you had to say goodbye a long time ago.


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