Tatsuya Arakawa

Licensed Marriageg & Family Therapist

カリフォルニア州公認心理カウンセラー (MFT #82425)



My Story

Tatsuya Arakawa LMFT

I had a difficult childhood. When I was ten to twelve years old, my best friends moved every year. I was bullied when I was ten. Due to these experiences and many other factors, I suffered from depression. There were many days where I refused to go to school when I was a middle school student. I was extremely defiant to teachers and my parents. When I was 16 years old, I dropped out of high school. My depression worsened. I felt alone so much as if I was stuck in the darkest tunnel with no lights. Because of so many uncertainties about my future, I was very anxious and thought I was done.
However, I was able to find a great therapist and turned my life around. I went back and was able to graduate from high school where I met so many classmates who were suffering from mental health issues. I really wanted to help them and attempted to offer what I got from my own therapist: to be heard. This experience helped me decide to be a therapist. After I graduated from California State University, Fullerton, and finished 3000 hours of internship, I obtained the license. Since then, I have been providing psychotherapy with my passion to help those who are suffering see the light at the end of the darkest tunnel.

What is Online Therapy???


  • As long as you can secure your privacy and can access the internet, you can see a therapist wherever you are.
  • Study shows that online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy.
    Here is the study.  Another study.
  • You do not even have to drive.
  • You can save time because you do not have to come to the office.
  • You can see a therapist where you feel relaxed and comfortable such as your favorite sofa at home!
  • Confidentiality is secured.


  • You might not feel as connected to a therapist as you might feel in-person.
  • You must have a basic idea of how to use PC and cell phones.
  • You need to be in California or any other country where the law permits such as Japan
    (if you receive psychotherapy from me, Tatsuya Arakawa, LMFT as I am licensed in California).


  • I am trained enough to help you feel connected with me even if you receive therapy online.
  • You can utilize the website below that is not difficult to use even for those who are not good at using technology.

Here is the website to receive online therapy from me

Online Therapy Online Therapy

What You Can Expect from Therapy

For Adults

  • If you have a difficult time sleeping, therapy could help you sleep better.
  • Even if you feel down most of the time, therapy could help you feel better.
  • Even if you have been taking medications and have not been feeling like the medications have been helping you, therapy could help you stop taking medications (note: need consultation with the doctor prescribing medications).
  • If you are having difficulty focusing on work, therapy can help you concentrate better.
  • You might be feeling overwhelmed due to so many feelings. Therapy can help you organize your thoughts, understand why you feel overwhelmed, and managing your feelings.
  • If you lack appetite (too much or too little), therapy can help you get back to your normal appetite.
  • If you feel irritable often, therapy can help you understand why you feel irritable often and help you deal with what is irritating you.
  • If you have no energy to meet anyone and do something fun you used to have fun with, therapy can help you get your fun back.
  • If you cannot stop thinking too much, instead of helping you stop thinking (because that is impossible for human beings!), therapy can help you live with unwanted thoughts and understand it’s okay to think too much as long as your thoughts don’t affect your daily life.
  • If you tend to think about worst case scenarios and get anxious often, therapy can help you not let them affect your life and live with your anxieties.
What You Can Expect from Therapy

For Adolescents

  • More compliant behaviors
  • Less defiant behaviors
  • More polite behaviors
  • Better grades
  • Emotional stability
  • Less irritable
  • Less anger and frustration
  • Can focus better on schoolwork
For Adolescents
For Adolescents

Ready to Connect?

Here is the process to start therapy

1 Contact

Please contact me via contact form

2 Free Consultation

I provide 30 minutes free consultation to adults via phone, and to adolescents and their parents via video to see if we can be a good fit.

3 Start Therapy

If we both believe that we can be a good fit, and if you are ready, you can schedule our first appointment.