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Sports Injury

You may be feeling anxious so much thinking about all kinds of things.
What if you cannot play the sports you have been so passionate about for your entire life?
Or maybe even if you can play, you can’t play at the same level?
You know you should focus on rehab, but all kinds of thoughts continue to come up and disturb you, which makes you feel like rehab is taking forever.
You do not even know how to spend your time.
You want to get back to the sports, but thinking about how you get injured makes you scared.


I bet you do not feel hopeful, and you must be feeling anxious a lot.
It must be really difficult for you to be positive.
And that is okay.
If you can accept this injury, there is a new world and a new “YOU” waiting for you. Maybe, it’s possible you won’t be back to who you were before. Yet, a new YOU may surprise you.
“Injury is devastating, but because of injury, I can be who I am now.” Maybe, maybe, there will be a day you can say this to yourself.


It is very difficult to change something right away. That is why it is significant to focus on small steps. Therapy can be a tool for you to help you find peace amid all the anxieties and to help you turn around your world.


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