Specialization | Adult Child of Toxic Parents

Adult Child of Toxic Parents

You always thought that you were different to others. But you did not know why.
Since childhood, you might have been struggling with the following:
You tend to struggle with relationships with friends and loved ones.
You tend to think negatively.
You tend to think too much about everything.
It has been very difficult for you to believe others and even yourself.
You feel nervous often and it is difficult for you to feel calm.
It is easy for you to feel guilty.
Talking to your parents is very difficult and makes you feel negative.

You might have always thought you wanted to do something about this and get out of this negative loop. But you don’t know how.

What if all the struggles and suffering are not because of you, but because of how you were raised by your parents?

Imagine you do not have to listen to your inner voice of your parents.
Imagine you can live your life the way you want to live, not the way your parents want you to live.
Imagine your life without feeling restrained by your toxic parents all the time.
Imagine you can have a better relationship with your loved ones and people close to you.
Imagine you don’t have to be continuously anxious and negative about yourself.
Imagine you can get out of the loop.

Most of the time, adult children raised by toxic parents tend to suffer from deep wounds by the parents. They try to repress their feelings by pretending as if the relationship with your parents is perfect when in fact you have been having to suffer from it for so long.

If this resonates with you, I can be of help.
I can help you find a balance between what you want for your life and what you believe you need to do to live up to your parents’ expectations.
I can help you be nice to yourself even if your parents do not show kindness to you at all.

Ultimately, this is your life, not your parents’ life.


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