Specialization | Anxiety


If you really think about it, you know what you are anxious about isn’t going to happen 99%. Yet, you just can’t stop your anxieties and continue to think about “what ifs.”
Whatever you are doing, you continue to feel anxious and cannot stop thinking about worst case scenarios. You feel more irritable and do not even remember the last time you felt calm. Maybe you feel tired easily and have difficulty sleeping.
You really want to do something about this vicious cycle, so you continuously search for answers on the internet or talk to your friends/loved ones to ensure that the worst-case scenarios will not occur. Yet, the more you search for answers, the more you tell yourself that everything will be okay, the more you find reasons why everything is NOT going to be okay. Then, you do not know what to do, so you try to stop thinking. BUT YOU CAN’T!


What if you can control your anxieties? What would your life be like?
You can spend more time on what you like to do.
You can focus more on what you need to do.
You do not have to feel irritated often.
You might be able to sleep better.
You might be able to accept yourself for how you are.
And you will start living your life the way you hope instead of being controlled by your anxiety.


With my therapy, I can help you get out of this type of vicious cycle created by anxieties, help you live with anxieties instead of trying to get rid of it (which is basically impossible), and help you focus on “here and now” instead of focusing too much on the future.


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