Welcome to the website of Tatsuya Arakawa Therapy.

Perhaps, you have come to this website because, big or small, something unpleasant has been going on in your life. Of course, you are aware that you have to/want to do something about it. Yet, you just do not know what to do, or even if you DO know what to do, you just cannot do what you think is the best. So, you talk to your friends, but either you don’t feel understood or advice they give you seems irrelevant. Perhaps, even if you know that you have to follow advice, it seems difficult to do so. Then, you start blaming yourself, yet something unpleasant continues to be present. This vicious cycle seems endless.

When you are in the darkest tunnel of your life, there are only two choices: continue to stand there or find a way to move forward.

I, as a psychotherapist, would like to be the one that gives you hands to move forward from the darkest tunnel of your life. We can overcome any triumph by facing it and can grow from there. That is what therapy can do for you. Maybe, there are many different ways to get out of the tunnel; you can continue to find a way straight to an exit, or you can try to find a different way, or you can even try to make a big hole and find light from there. Every step you would like to take to get out from the tunnel, I will be there for you.


The below is FAQ regarding therapy.

What is the difference between talking to friends and talking to therapist?

When you talk to your friends about your concerns, there tends to be patterns:

  1. You do not feel understood and feel more frustrated.
  2. Your friend talks more about themselves, which is irrelevant to your concerns and not helpful at all.
  3. They give you unhelpful advice

This is not going to do anything for you. I, as a therapist, am skilled at listening professionally, have been trained to do so with great amount of time, and continue to be trained. I am here to listen to you, find out what exactly is bothering you, and help you guide yourself a way.

Is therapy only for those who are depressed?

Therapy is not only for those who are depressed. I have provided psychotherapy with clients with many types of issues including, but not limited to, anxiety, worry, trauma, panic, depression, self-harm behaviors, family issues, frequent argument, parenting, bullying, low grades, sexual issue, cultural issue, adolescent issue, etc. In addition, some clients come see a therapist just because they want to grow.  


Everything you discussed during therapy will be confidential.

However, there are certain limitations.

We can discuss further during the first session.

How many times do I have to come to get better?

It all depends on what you would like to get out of therapy. We set up goals together during the first few sessions. Some clients terminate therapy once they achieve their goals; others continue to come even after they achieve their original goals.

How often should I come?

Once a week is highly recommended.


I accept cash, check, and credit card. If you have PPO, the insurance may reimburse you after you pay full amount and submit paperwork to them. Please ask your insurance company for more details.

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